NEBA Introductory

A short introductory video to NEBA Financial Solutions to get readers to learn more about us and what we do

The Evolution of Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which was created eight years ago back in 2009. What made Bitcoin special was that transactions with the cryptocurrency do not need to go through banks, there is no middle man needed which is turn means there are no transaction fees. Bitcoin is not subject to any regulations […]

How do structured products protect against market fluctuations?

Why choose a structured product over standard investments? This is better explained by using an example, for this instance, let’s use Facebook. Why invest in a structured product with Facebook as an underlying, over just investing into Facebook shares directly? Why would you choose to receive a max 12.21% return on your Facebook investment when […]

There are so many companies you can invest in… So, which one?

When you search online, analyst A says you should invest in ecommerce, while another recommend logistics. Or data computing. Or media & entertainment. What about lifestyle companies? Maybe finance sector is still the best? It’s either you’ll have to choose between the companies or just have the money to invest in all of them. Unless […]

All About the 100% Coupon Trigger

Few months back, we explained the Memory Feature and the gains you sacrifice for adding it to your structured note. In this article we will be reviewing the Memory Feature along with the 100% Coupon Trigger and the reasons it might not fit everyone. After all, just like with many other things in life, when […]


Globally, there has been this common misconception that Structured Products (SP) are high risk investments. Which results in SPs being an unpopular choice for investment despite having features which provide extra protection for investors as compared to traditional investments. Are you one of them who has been missing out on Structured Products? Read on to […]


On Monday October 2nd, 2017 Tesla reported that they produced 260 of their new Model 3 electric cars in the third quarter dramatically missing CEO Elon Musk’s forecast of producing more than 1,600 cars by September 2017. Earlier in year, Musk sent out a product update for the Model 3 cars, these product updates started […]