Press ‘Start’ to Enter the $91.8 Billion Gaming Industry

From crushing candy on the subway to work, to the mother-in-law that insists Wii Tennis is real exercise, gaming is an essential part of everyday life. Quantum leaps in technology has given individuals access to interactive entertainment at home, on-the-move and even….at work (don’t tell my boss).

With more and more people embracing gaming, analysts estimate that the industry will hit $118.6 billion by 2019 (+29%).

Top 4 Gaming Stocks to watch in 2017

  1. Activision Blizzard: Famous for ‘World of Craft’, ‘Call of Duty’, and Destiny which made $500M within its first 24 hours of release (Gamespot). Is currently expanding its presence on mobile devices and expected to grow by 22.47%p.a. over the next 5 years (Facts Reporter).
  2. Electronic Arts: FIFA, Battlefield 1, and the immensely fun & often infuriating Star Wars Battlefront. EA is a forerunner in both console and mobile gaming, placing it in a strong position for 2017. Analysts expect a mean gain of 18.96% (FT).
  3. Facebook: Keen to capitalise on its 650M users, Facebook has partnered with Unity and Blizzard to offer a better mobile gaming experience, and live streaming through its platform. Cowen expects Facebook to outperform in 2017 by growing 24%!
  4. Sony: A dominating force in console gaming since 1994 is now boldly taking on Virtual/ Augmented Reality, an industry that is expected to grow from $5.2bn to $162bn by 2020. Analysts estimate a median gain of 38.55% (FT).

Gaming Stocks? Really?

Really! The gains in the gaming industry can no longer be ignored. Although, investors may be concerned about entering into a new area. Or a bit sheepish about being directly exposed to stocks. But! There are ways they can benefit without jumping in with both feet.

NEBA has released a NEW Structured Product that will allow investors to gain a steady return of 15.5%p.a. and includes a generous level of downside protection.

(Factsheet: Gaming Industry)

Over the next 5 years, provided one of these stocks doesn’t fall by more than 30%, the investor will generate a return of 15.5%p.a. And as long as, one of these stocks doesn’t fall by more than 50%, their capital is protected.

For more information on how Structured Products can help you minimise risks, and maximise returns, message me on LinkedIn or Register to see our full Product Menu!

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