Can’t Find The Perfect Structured Product Pricing?

At current levels of volatility, investors may not be contented with the Coupon returns of newly priced Notes. Does this mean that the happy days are over? Maybe, maybe not.

We can’t say for sure whether volatility would improve six months down the road, but we have come up with a temporary solution for the picky investor.

Due to popular demand, we have relaunched an Index-based Memory Note with NO AUTOCALL DELAY. With no Autocall Delay and only 3x Underlyings, investors get a better chance at Autocall to enjoy the flexibility of reinvestment. This is a good alternative product for the time being if investors don’t see a Note they like in current markets. After Month 6 if it Autocalls, they can reassess their options then.


+  No delay / callable from Month 6 – more flexibility to reinvest sooner
+  Only 3x Underlyings – greater chance of Autocall and staying within Coupon Trigger
+  Memory Feature – better chance of receiving all Coupons
+  Underlyings are Developed Market Indices (no Hang Seng) with upwards trends
–  Semi-Annual Observations

7% PA no delay.PNG

*Product is closing 20 July 2017, or earlier if fully subscribed
ISIN: XS1577062505

Underlying Performance

  • Strong rebound from the 2015 decline
  • Growth of the Index prices, caused by people buying into them, reflect investor sentiment that these Underlyings have the potential to grow further

graph_australiagraph_euro stoxxgraph_japan

Of course, this is strategy may not be suitable for ALL investors. Consult your Financial Adviser or email us at should you have any questions!

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