Goldman Sachs Sustain 50

              Low 85% Autocall trigger at 11.41% PA

  1. GS Sustain 50 List consists of companies deemed as difficult to compete against
  2. Quality investing – GS perceive that these companies will emerge as winners in the long-term
Product Description 6Y Low Autocall Trigger on GS Sustain 50 Stocks

equities note

Goldman Sachs just published a list of stocks called “GS SUSTAIN 50”, which they believe to be long-term winners .

For quality investing, GS is looking for:

  • Companies and business models that are difficult to compete against e.g. Dominators, Product Differentiators and Cost & Process Leaders.
  • Go on the offensive and seek underappreciated earnings power and positive financial returns momentum.
  • A slice of defensive is still attractive: where a strong industry position meets falling capital intensity and strong FCF growth.Found below is a list of some of these S50 companies that GS suggests:

SECTOR                                                            AMERICAS
CONSUMER STAPLES                                  COLGATE, ESTEE LAUDER
ENERGY                                                          SCHLUMBERGER
FINANCIALS                                                  US BANCORP, SIGNATURE BANK
HEALTH CARE                                              AMGEN, CERNER, EDWARDS
INDUSTRIALS                                               ACUITY BRANDS, WABTEC
INFORMATION TECH                                 ALPHABET, FACEBOOK, APPLE
MATERIALS                                                   ALBERMARLE, CELANASE
REAL ESTATE                                                EQUINIX, PUBLIC STORAGE


  • All stocks are part of GS SUSTAIN 50
  • Only the underlyings with more than 50% Buy Recommendation from the rest of the street’s analysts

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