Is Tesla Still a Good Investment?

Capture1On Monday October 2nd, 2017 Tesla reported that they produced 260 of their new Model 3 electric cars in the third quarter dramatically missing CEO Elon Musk’s forecast of producing more than 1,600 cars by September 2017. Earlier in year, Musk sent out a product update for the Model 3 cars, these product updates started that they had passed all regulatory requirements way ahead of schedule.

Musk was setting the bar high and leaving no room for error. This proved to be a mistake as we can see that the production numbers of the Model 3 were predicted to be around 1,630 vehicles, he was 84% short of his prediction.

Tesla have said that they are “confident of addressing the manufacturing bottleneck issues in the near-term”, although they didn’t provide an updated prediction for its future production capacity.

Vehicles Delivered Quarter
Model S Sedans 14,065 Third
Model X SUV’s 11,865 Third
Model 3 220 Third
Total 26,150 ———

1. What to do with your Tesla products?


  • Rule number one is don’t panic.
  • Tesla’s stock hasn’t bombed, so there is no immediate rush to just dump all Tesla related products.
  • REMEMBER this is only one of their products! The company isn’t falling apart. For the optimists out there, Tesla can still make up for this in the fourth quarter!
  • Most importantly, don’t worry as we will be monitoring your products for you. We send out regular product reports to clients to keep them up-to-date on how their products are doing!
  • The overall production figures for Tesla are much more promising.



Do not let this put you off investing in Tesla products. The product concept found above is one that was built with Tesla with the following Key points:

  • Guaranteed Coupon with 10% PA
  • Strong Blue Chip Equities
  • Low 60% barrier
  • Short term Product of 3 Years




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