Google Maps Celebrates “Mario Day” with Mario Kart Navigation

March 10th is dubbed as Mario Day because if you look closely, its date can be written MAR10, which looks as though it reads “Mario”. To mark this occasion, Nintendo has teamed up with Google to release “Mario Time” in Google Maps.

Mario (1)

The Mario version of Google Maps allows you to navigate to your destination with the help of Mario in his go kart. By typing in a location to get directions as usual, you’ll notice a yellow question mark “?” icon at the bottom right of the app’s screen. Tap this, and you’ll get a prompt to enable “Mario Time.” This allows you to replace the usual arrow with Mario and he will direct you on every route you take while using the app.

This feature is available in Google Maps for Andriod and iOS devices and will run for a week beginning 10th March. But make sure you’ve got the latest version of Google Maps installed if you want to try it out!

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