Early Maturity of Autocallable Structured Notes Sees Up to 5.6% Return for NEBA Client

NEBA Financial Solutions are delighted to announce that the Commerzbank Safe Haven Index Autocall Note has matured early after 12 months in operation. In addition to receiving a full return on their capital, the client who invested in this note will also receive a profit of 5.6%.

On the valuation date, the S&P/ASX 200, S&P/TSX 60, Swiss Market, OMX Stockholm 30 indices were all above their initial strike date levels. Commerzbank has confirmed that the final 2.8% coupon including their full capital will be returned to the investor on the 26th of March.


This Commerzbank Safe Haven note is just one of the bespoke range of structured products offered exclusively by NEBA Financial Solutions. To find out more info on how you can invest in our bespoke structured products, visit our official website at www.nebafinancialsolutions.com today!

Visit www.nebafinancialsolutions.com to see our Structured Products and UCITS Funds http://www.nebafinancialsolutions.com/Risk-Rated-Portfolio-DFMhttp://www.nebafinancialsolutions.com/real-asset-fund

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