Investing in Index Funds vs. Stocks

Stocks vs. index funds, which makes more sense in your investment portfolio? It’s a common question many investors have asked when starting their investment journey. If you have read or spoken to a handful of financial advisers, you know that there are some pretty strong opinions about whether investors should buy individual stocks for their portfolios […]

3 Types of Financial Risks You’ll Never Find in a Textbook

Professionals in the investment industry talk about risk – a lot. Risk and return are inseparably linked, meaning that higher risk brings the potential for higher returns, and vice versa. You cannot expect the same type of performance from a low risk asset (like cash) and a higher risk asset (like equities).

Short-term vs Long-term Investments, Which is Better?

All investment options carry some kind of risk. One of the biggest sources of risk in the world of investments is uncertainty. A company that is a market leader in its industry today may struggle to survive 10 years from now. Companies that have not yet started operations may grow to become market leaders in […]

Are Facebook, Amazon and Alphabet Stocks Still Worth Buying?

The last year saw American tech stocks, in particular the “FANG” (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google-now-Alphabet) hit record highs. Now, tech stocks have been under pressure, particularly Facebook and Amazon, thanks to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and President Donald Trump’s increasing attacks against Amazon’s business practices.

Taking Advantage of Market Votality as an Investor

When movement in the stock market is up one day, noticeably down for the next week, then appears to be traveling upwards again, only to spiral downwards again, that’s what traders and investors call stock market volatility. However, it’s important to understand this movement is not necessarily bad for investors.