What Are The Biggest Threats To Your Investment Portfolio?

It has been recommended numerous times by successful investors that, if we want to become wealthier, we need to take risk. Either that or winning the lottery, marrying someone rich or being lucky enough to inherit a large sum – which would probably have arisen as a result of a successful investment strategy with exposure […]

What To Do When Your Client Behaves Badly?

If you talk with an experienced financial advisor, they will undoubtedly be able to relay stories about current and perhaps former clients whose behaviour was detrimental to their own financial health and well-being.

Build Your Investment Strategy with These 9 Steps

Investing without an investment plan is like driving in a strange city with no maps of GPS. As other drivers zip pas onto their destinations, you’re left behind with no idea how to get where you want to be. “Nothing is worse than reaching a certain age and realising you’re below where you’d hoped you’d […]

4 Tips on Being Upfront About Fees with Clients

Discussing—and justifying—the fees that a financial advisor charges can be one of the most difficult discussions that advisors must dealt with their clients. This is because advisors often fail to draw clear connections between the fees that they charge and the real value of the services that they offer.