NEBA Launches Online Quarterly Magazine

NEBA Financial Solutions, a Singaporean based firm specializing in product design and distribution of Structured Products and UCITS Funds has released its latest issue of the NEBA Insight Magazine (Oct-Dec 2018).

This quarterly digital publication delivers basic knowledge of the company’s core business; Structured Products and UCITS Funds, in addition to investment tips and strategies.

As demand for modern portfolio solutions increases, financial advisors are looking for different ways to meet investors’ needs and expectations that cannot be met by traditional investments. However, many financial advisors and investors don’t have the depth of knowledge required to fully understand the risk and benefits of such products. NEBA Insight aims to provide better insight and understanding of how the company’s investments work and the best strategies to implement them. The quarterly digital magazine has helped financial advisors across the world to work towards better client outcomes.

“Besides sourcing the best Structured Products and UCITS Funds in the market, NEBA remain committed to educating our clients,” said John Beverley, CEO of NEBA Financial Solutions. “Since the launch of the NEBA Insights Magazine, we have received positive feedback from our clients.”

Craig Muldoon, Operations Director and Partner of Pecunia Wealth Management said, “The content that NEBA Insights Magazine delivers is very informative, relevant and a motivational tool to us and to our clients.”

“NEBA Financial Solutions are a leader where this is concerned, as we have nothing like it available from anyone else,” he added.

The NEBA Insights quarterly magazine is now available to read for FREE at It can be accessed via desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

To date NEBA Insights has reached more than 5,000 financial advisors worldwide.

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