2018 Rewind : Our 10 Most-read Articles of the Year

As we catch our collective breath before the start of a new year, here’s a look back at the top 10 articles that were most popular with readers in 2018 from our blog:

1.100% Capital Protection, Myth or Real?

100% Capital Protection has got to be the most requested type of investment we at NEBA Financial Solutions get asked for. However, not all 100% Capital Protected Products are “Safe Investments”…click here to read.

2. The basic guide to UCITS

UCITS funds are seen by investors as the “gold-standard” of funds in terms of investor protection, regulation, liquidity and diversification…click here to read.

3. The basic guide to Capital Protected investment 

While capital protected investments might look as simple as it sounds, they are actually more complex than regular investments…click here to read.

4. Five vital questions Financial Advisors should ask new clients

We have listed five vital questions you should ask your clients that will help you to gain a better understanding of their financial profile and create a platform for a transparent relationship. By starting out on the right foot, future misunderstandings can be minimized…click here to read.

5. Mapping the world’s prices 2018

Every May, Deutsche Bank releases its annual “Mapping the world’s prices” report, listing the cost of goods and services in 50 major cities across the globe. Check out the full list of cost to buy 15 things in various cities around the world in 2018…click here to read.

6. Autocall – How does it work?

A structure note can be diversified in an infinite number of ways within a single package. One of the most common feature of Structured Notes is called the Autocall…click here to read.

7. The 5 biggest challenges faced by Financial Advisors today

Find out the five biggest challenges that advisors face today in their efforts to grow their business and promote their brand to the public…click here to read.

8. Investors, beware when determining your observation frequency!

When NEBA Financial Solutions ask IFAs how frequent they want the coupons to be paid out – either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually – our clients would prefer to invest in a structured note with “Monthly” observation frequency. However, did you know that the frequency of the coupon paid influences the percentage of return you will receive?…click here to read.

9. How to become a successful Financial Advisor

How, exactly, does a financial advisor get to the top? Investopedia canvassed some of the best investment business minds for some good advice, and here are their key formula to become a successful financial advisor…click here to read.

10. Five growth strategies for Financial Advisors

Find out the five key growth strategies that you can use to help ensure a successful future for your financial advisory firm…click here to read.

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