Message From The Managing Director


Happy New Year to all our clients! 

With Global Markets nervous about the future I am sure many of you are relieved to have your clients invested in our range of Index Structured Notes. These investments are built for times like now. They are also a great investment today because of the low Strike Levels that can be locked in and great pricing.

We are proud to say that 2018 was another good year for our investments. We expect 2019 to be no different. The main highlight for me was the introduction of the Real Asset Fund which weathered the storm of the end of 2018. When major markets dropped 15-25%, this Fund grew a little. Although there have been few teething problems with the Coupon Payments to several Platforms from this Fund in 2018, all Coupons have been allocated and we fully expect the administrators of the Fund to sort this out shortly. Unfortunately this has been a consequence of bringing an Institutional Product to your Retail Investors and the Fact that UCITS Funds are so strictly regulated. It just gets a little annoying when the Regulation that is there to protect your clients affects the administration of simple things like paying coupons!

The staff here at NEBA are doing a great job on your behalf and often tell me of the special relationships you have with them and how much they enjoy working with you!


John Beverley 

NBEA Financial Solutions 


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