What clients want, but why don’t IFAs buy this??

This type of investment has investors all around the world drooling from the moment they first read about it. Those who use IFAs might ask “why does my Adviser not recommend this to me??”.

The answer is quite sad. It only pays 1% commission to the IFA!

Thank heavens that not all IFAs only care about the commission, otherwise a product like this would never get off the ground. They see a safe investment, high fixed returns, short term (with and option to roll next year) amonst other things.

Smart IFAs would use this as part of a Portfolio to add stability during market turmoil.

Smart IFAs would use this in their presentation to prospective clients to gain trust, new clients and referrals.

Smart IFAs know that if every investment chosen in the Portfolio pays a high commission, the risks to the clients money sky rocket!

Smart IFAs put the long term wealfare of their clients above short term moneytary gains for themselves.

Smart IFAs would use a product like this to build his client bank and have a long term relationship with their clients.

If you have been an IFA for more than 5 years and still looking for the next sale
or rebalancing investments into high commission paying products to pay for your rent………… are you really a smart IFA?

NEBA are happy to help put a balanced portfolio together to fit the clients attitude to investing.

Visit www.nebafinancialsolutions.com to see our Structured Products and UCITS Funds http://www.nebafinancialsolutions.com/Risk-Rated-Portfolio-DFMhttp://www.nebafinancialsolutions.com/real-asset-fund

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