Why does NEBA have a Wealth Management Division?

Written by John Beverley – Managing Director NEBA Group

This is a question that comes up with our IFA clients every so often. Most have known about it for years. What I will try to do over a few short paragraphs is explain why we created the office, its function and how it might help you.

Back in 2014 NEBA created a Labuan based Malaysian office. It was originally intended to get TOB with Banks in Malaysia so NEBA could offer Structured Notes to Malaysian IFAs in their local currency as Banks outside Malaysia wouldn’t touch investments in MYR. By the time everything was set up (took until early 2017) this opportunity had long since passed.

As you are all more than aware, regulation all over the world has been getting tighter and tighter. This has had a massive effect on the IFAs who support NEBA’s investments as they could no longer look after many of their clients. I took the decision in 2018 to open a Wealth Management division of NEBA and allow IFAs in unregulated Countries, to piggy back on our licence here. This has allowed our clients (you as IFAs) to continue to do business as normal and manage your existing clients (like a Network relationship). The IFAs affected were mainly based around: parts of Africa, parts of Asia, South and Central America.

It took several months to work out the kinks of this division of NEBA as Wealth Management was not our main focus nor did we have any TOB in place with platforms. A new admin team were hired, trained and finally in 2019, NEBA had a fully functioning Wealth Management division supporting our IFA clients who struggle to operate where they are.

Thank you for those of you who were patient as we set this up and also helped us in the process.

NEBA can now offer TOB to IFAs with most Life Companies, Platforms, SIPP Providers, Trust Companies, Insurance and more. I would welcome anyone who does not have licencing, or is setting up their own office in a country where there is no real form of regulation, to get in touch with our team. We’d be more than happy to support you setting up (so long as you continue to use our investments of course!).

What we do:

  • NEBA Pay amazing rates on new business (Platform, Funds, Insurance etc..)
  • NEBA Pay on everything (including Trail and Renewals)
  • NEBA Set you up on each Platform to manage your clients
  • NEBA Set up your client accounts on NavGlobal (CRM and asset tracking software)
  • NEBA Provide and online commission report for you to track every penny of commission so you can see what comes from and goes where
  • NEBA Provide guidance and how to guides
  • NEBA Provide Lead Generation for your office (*subject to conditions)
  • NEBA Provide you with licencing coverage to manage your clients regulated activities
  • NEBA Provide our name and a history clients can trust
  • NEBA Provide Model Portfolios

You all know how to get in touch with us. We are here to support you!

We look forward to continuing to work with you, whether it is to continue to assist your investment choices via our Singapore office, or to work with NEBA Wealth Management licenced via Labuan.

NEBA Financial Solutions

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