The Evolution of Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which was created eight years ago back in 2009. What made Bitcoin special was that transactions with the cryptocurrency do not need to go through banks, there is no middle man needed which is turn means there are no transaction fees. Bitcoin is not subject to any regulations […]

There are so many companies you can invest in… So, which one?

When you search online, analyst A says you should invest in ecommerce, while another recommend logistics. Or data computing. Or media & entertainment. What about lifestyle companies? Maybe finance sector is still the best? It’s either you’ll have to choose between the companies or just have the money to invest in all of them. Unless […]


On Monday October 2nd, 2017 Tesla reported that they produced 260 of their new Model 3 electric cars in the third quarter dramatically missing CEO Elon Musk’s forecast of producing more than 1,600 cars by September 2017. Earlier in year, Musk sent out a product update for the Model 3 cars, these product updates started […]

Japan gains 1% growth while U.S. protectionist risks loom

By Tetsushi Kajimoto and Stanley White, taken directly from Yahoo News Summarised for NEBA clients TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s economy grew for a fourth straight quarter in the final three months of last year as a weaker yen supported exports, but tepid private consumption and the risks of rising U.S. protectionism cast doubts over a […]

How does Trump affect Market today?

Taken from CNBC Tae Kim | @firstadopter JPMorgan told clients it is growing increasingly concerned over President Donald Trump’s protectionist agenda and recommends buying hedges to protect against a market sell-off. Comments by Eduardo Lecubarri:  1. SMid-caps (small- to mid-cap stocks) are said to be range bound with upside risk based on our assumption that Trump would focus […]

What’s Next for Brexit?

Taken from BBC News With BREXIT set in stone after the latest divorce talks led by Theresa May in the last few weeks, these are some of the plans laid out by the British Prime Minister whereby Britain will quit the EU single market when it leaves the European Union as it sets a course […]

French election’s impact on the financial markets

  The Politics The French presidential election is rapidly becoming one of the most unpredictable contests of recent years — even bearing in mind the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union, and the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. The markets have already started to sniff trouble, doubling the spread […]

He came, He saw, He Trumped

Markets are in turmoil as Trump wins. Here are some of the more prominent effects: Oil is down 2-3% to about $43 a barrel. £ makes a comeback as the USD suffers.