All About the 100% Coupon Trigger

Few months back, we explained the Memory Feature and the gains you sacrifice for adding it to your structured note. In this article we will be reviewing the Memory Feature along with the 100% Coupon Trigger and the reasons it might not fit everyone. After all, just like with many other things in life, when […]


Globally, there has been this common misconception that Structured Products (SP) are high risk investments. Which results in SPs being an unpopular choice for investment despite having features which provide extra protection for investors as compared to traditional investments. Are you one of them who has been missing out on Structured Products? Read on to […]

OIL? For Bullish Investors Over 3 years

An OPEC deal to reduce oil production failed to bring down world inventories as countries such as the US and Lybia continue incrementing their levels of production, which has caused prices to slide substantially as a result. However, these prices are reaching unsustainable levels, and with world consumption expected to rise, there is a lot of hope […]

Can’t find the perfect structured product pricing?

At current levels of volatility, investors may not be contented with the Coupon returns of newly priced Notes. Does this mean that the happy days are over? Maybe, maybe not. We can’t say for sure whether volatility would improve six months down the road, but we have come up with a temporary solution for the […]

Press ‘Start’ to enter the $91.8 billion Gaming Industry

By Brian Barral From crushing candy on the subway to work, to the mother-in-law that insists Wii Tennis is real exercise, gaming is an essential part of everyday life. Quantum leaps in technology has given individuals access to interactive entertainment at home, on-the-move and even….at work (don’t tell my boss). With more and more people embracing […]