How do structured products protect against market fluctuations?

Why choose a structured product over standard investments? This is better explained by using an example, for this instance, let’s use Facebook. Why invest in a structured product with Facebook as an underlying, over just investing into Facebook shares directly? Why would you choose to receive a max 12.21% return on your Facebook investment when […]

All About the 100% Coupon Trigger

Few months back, we explained the Memory Feature and the gains you sacrifice for adding it to your structured note. In this article we will be reviewing the Memory Feature along with the 100% Coupon Trigger and the reasons it might not fit everyone. After all, just like with many other things in life, when […]


Globally, there has been this common misconception that Structured Products (SP) are high risk investments. Which results in SPs being an unpopular choice for investment despite having features which provide extra protection for investors as compared to traditional investments. Are you one of them who has been missing out on Structured Products? Read on to […]

All about the Snowball Memory Feature

Whether Index-based or Equity-based Notes, many investors love the Memory feature – it pays out missed Coupons in the next successful Observation. This helps to maximize profits despite market downturns, and it certainly is something other investment vehicles cannot offer.

Basic Features of Structured Products

Although there are endless possibilities with Structured Products and their fancy features, good product designs are as simple as it can get. Here are the 3 basic features that you need to know.