All about the Snowball Memory Feature

Whether Index-based or Equity-based Notes, many investors love the Memory feature – it pays out missed Coupons in the next successful Observation. This helps to maximize profits despite market downturns, and it certainly is something other investment vehicles cannot offer.


              Low 85% Autocall trigger at 11.41% PA KEY SUMMARY Rationale GS Sustain 50 List consists of companies deemed as difficult to compete against Quality investing – GS perceive that these companies will emerge as winners in the long-term Product Description 6Y Low Autocall Trigger on GS Sustain 50 Stocks […]

OIL? For Bullish Investors Over 3 years

An OPEC deal to reduce oil production failed to bring down world inventories as countries such as the US and Lybia continue incrementing their levels of production, which has caused prices to slide substantially as a result. However, these prices are reaching unsustainable levels, and with world consumption expected to rise, there is a lot of hope […]

Can’t find the perfect structured product pricing?

At current levels of volatility, investors may not be contented with the Coupon returns of newly priced Notes. Does this mean that the happy days are over? Maybe, maybe not. We can’t say for sure whether volatility would improve six months down the road, but we have come up with a temporary solution for the […]

Hey Groceries, Amazon is coming for you

A quarter of Americans already prefer online shopping over the traditional brick-and-mortar for their grocery shopping, and it is forecasted to increase up to 20% by 2025. Amazon is a clear advocate of this experience, and its recent acquisition of Whole Foods strengthens their presence in the retail market by giving the online giant access […]

Japan gains 1% growth while U.S. protectionist risks loom

By Tetsushi Kajimoto and Stanley White, taken directly from Yahoo News Summarised for NEBA clients TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s economy grew for a fourth straight quarter in the final three months of last year as a weaker yen supported exports, but tepid private consumption and the risks of rising U.S. protectionism cast doubts over a […]

The Age of E Commerce

By Josh Enomoto, InvestorPlace Contributor  |  Feb 8, 2017, 2:26 pm EST The Sears collapse is just the beginning as weak retail stocks take a turn for the worst. While aggressive short recommendations are rare due to the markets’ upward bias, the bearish position on SHLD justifies itself. Last year, Sears stock lost daring investors 53%. This year, […]

How does Trump affect Market today?

Taken from CNBC Tae Kim | @firstadopter JPMorgan told clients it is growing increasingly concerned over President Donald Trump’s protectionist agenda and recommends buying hedges to protect against a market sell-off. Comments by Eduardo Lecubarri:  1. SMid-caps (small- to mid-cap stocks) are said to be range bound with upside risk based on our assumption that Trump would focus […]