NEBA Launches Online Quarterly Magazine

NEBA Financial Solutions, a Singaporean based firm specializing in product design and distribution of Structured Products and UCITS Funds has released its latest issue of the NEBA Insight Magazine (Oct-Dec 2018).

What is a Structured Product?

Structured products are among the fastest growing investment classes in global finance. The name “Structured Products” comes from the fact that such products are created by combining traditional investments (usually a fixed income instrument such as a bond or a note) with financial derivatives (usually an option). Such “structuring” allows the resulting products to achieve specific […]

Investors, Beware When Determining Your Observation Frequency!

One of the advantages of investing in structured products is the ability to customize your investment to suit your risk tolerance and investment choices. The combinations are almost limitless! If the investment banks can sell it, they can mix up just about any cocktail you can dream of. This customization element and the ability to […]